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Image - Social network

Key benefits

  • Support in social networks
  • Targeted advertising
  • Professional content curation
  • Promotion
  • Website: specialization: < strong>Vkontakte, Instagram

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What to do in social networks

  • Analysis of Your business
  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Portrait of Your target audience
  • Design, individual design
  • Post plan and content curation
  • Attracting subscribers

How to create a group or page:

  • branded avatars and group covers
  • post design templates (recognition of your posts in the subscribers ' feed)
  • place contacts, phone number, directions (in information)
  • the
  • attractive, useful, motivating or exciting, and brief description of the group (it will be visible in the search results of Yandex, Google... next to the link to your group)
  • fill in and update Product offers (top products, sales, on occasion-New year / March 8..., certificates for the amount, etc. - picture+name+price .. )
  • develop a group management style: on behalf of the hero, on behalf of the expert, comic, official & hellip;
  • photo albums with real photos of your company and employees..

Management and development tips

  • Keep a category in the feed from a specialist (nutritionist, diagnostician, designer, chef..).
  • Useful posts with selections of your products or services (equipment, exercises, new items, tips on choosing this or that).
  • Photo contests or just life photos of clients on the topic of the day (create your own hashtag).
  • Motivating contests (for a photo, for a post, for a repost, for a like, for friends ...... - give out bonuses or gifts, the value depends on the client's efforts).
  • Voting for different items (products, events..).
  • Surveys.
  • Book of reviews and suggestions (start a VK Discussion).
  • Use gif animation in posts (there are online services for generating gifs from videos and from a series of images, this is not difficult).
  • Don't forget about hashtags. Think in advance about which sections of topics you will lead in the group, come up with and use special tags for them (then you can make a group menu out of them): geographical group (geotags), product group, destination group, your unique, ... - are planned together with the content.
  • Add application forms (for a bonus card, etc., leave a review ...) and other applications on the subject.

Examples of our work:

  • https://vk.com/sibteploblok
  • https://vk.com/movingcomcom
  • https://vk.com/shopsportlandia
  • https://vk.com/bosch50
  • https://vk.com/suzukivnn

Where can I get subscribers?

  • Paid promotion (not quite legal and aggressive), not recommended, and this is not your target audience.
  • Contextual advertising (for example, "Join Sportlandia and get 500 bonuses" ad show the target audience, it can be formed in different ways: by territory, by age/gender, by other groups, for example, show the Adidas group, "Usins online" and so on....)
  • Paid advertising in blogs - negotiate with bloggers and post information about yourself on their pages for a fee.
  • Contests for joining (two-stage: join a group and vote).
  • Mailing to email addresses, SMS mailing (to your offline clients).

target audience Analysis

you can create a buyer's Image by starting with the bonus card database, subscriber database, and customer information.

Then use the statistics of VK:

  • General: gender, age, geography (city), devices
  • in-depth:
    • identifies the most popular communities that your group members belong to (at the moment)
    • lists of friends of group members (in fact, the friends of the participant will see the post in their feed, so you can control the audience that will see your ad-identify the most " fat " subscribers and motivate them to post on their wall)

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