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Website redesign: let's make your site modern and customer-oriented! 

Image - Website redesign

Key benefits

  • We will conduct a page-by-page analysis of the site ("usability" and content)
  • Identify errors and provide a design reconstruction plan
  • Updating the site design (in whole or in part)
  • Design of new landing pages (and implementation on the site)
  • Mobile version design for an existing site
  • Banner design for websites, ads, and social networks

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there Is a partial redesign of the site

When the site as a whole is modern and convenient, but the analysis of Yandex. Metrica shows that you need to work out the appearance of some elements:

  • Redesign of the Main page of the site
  • Updating the site's header design
  • Redesign of feedback forms
  • Redesign of the product/service detailed description card
  • Design of the About page (from plain text to presentable appearance)
  • Design of new landing pages

or complete design update

when the design is "from zero", outdated and annoying, does not meet the modern requirements of adaptability and ease of perception:

  • Analysis of the target audience and competitors
  • Prototyping (sketch concept) 
  • Development of individual design based on prototypes
  • Adaptive design layout and integration into your CMS (if there is no need to change the platform)
  • Page-by-page adaptation and adjustment of site content in a new design (cleaning old styles inside pages)

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