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Website for wooden houses of the taiga house insurance company»  (2020 год, Kirov)

For the target audience, the price of a house is important - so the focus is on a good catalog of projects with a price calculator.

Key points

  • theme "Wooden house building"
  • light and fresh custom design
  • filling the project catalog with complete sets
  • design adaptation for mobile devices
  • setting up an ad campaign

What was done:

# Request Yandex *
1 домокомплект из оцилиндрованного бревна 7+44
2 производитель клеёного бруса 0
3 домокомплект из клееного бруса купить 10+41

* Search queries in Russia


Таежный дом дизайн сайта

  • Prototyping (sketch concept) of a site for wooden houses.
  • The design of the website.
  • Individual design of the mobile version (smartphone).
  • Individual design of the tablet version (tablet in portrait orientation).
  • The catalogue of projects and a card for a detailed description of the project price calculator.
  • Filling in the project catalog «turnkey».
  • Contextual campaign in Yandex.

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  • Individual design
  • Adaptability to all mobile devices
  • Programming without errors and garbage in the code
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  • Site filling
  • Convenient and easy control panel
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  • Marketing-plan
  • Setting up an ad campaign
  • Detailed SEO plan
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