Качественное решение ваших задач по сниженной цене. 1200 руб./час, подробнее

Response to question 


for example, website development, Yandex settings.Direct, etc. — may be a lump sum contract.


  1. Preparation of technical specifications, prototyping,
  2. Custom design,
  3. html/css/js layout design, adaptive for mobile devices,
  4. Development of a separate mobile version,
  5. Design integration ("pull on the engine"),
  6. Related design work (logos, business cards, banners...),
  7. Customization, installation and configuration of modules, programming (php, in particular 1c-bitrix),
  8. Setting up data import and export.
  9. Syncing with Avito, Yandex Market, etc.
  10. Filling the site with information (selection, proofreading, preparation, publication),
  11. SEO-site optimization and promotion in search engines,
  12. Contextual advertising (Yandex. Direct, G AdWords)
  13. Social media support and targeted advertising (Vkontakte, Instagram)
  14. Collection and analysis of statistical data. Audit of the site and advertising campaigns.


The site presents list of jobs and clients. We can tell you in detail about each project. Experience in integrating various services with 1c-Bitrix and modx platforms.


Official registration of the contract. B / n invoice payment, closing documents. Office in Kirov Komsomolskaya 14 (business center Khlynov) office 412. full-Time designers and programmers. Business Partner of 1C Bitrix. LLC Studio Atum, IP Nikulina N. S.

  1. Personal meeting(if possible and at the client's request), or telephone conversation / skype/email correspondence (especially for clients from other cities).
  2. Verbal statement of the problem (usually in interview mode to understand your goals and objectives and help you choose the right solution).
  3. Next, there are two options:
    1. standard solution (based on ready-made standard solutions or a sample, template, etc.),
    2. individual development: prototyping of all the main pages of the site (draft concept), description of the technical task
  4. Calculation of the design cost & nbsp; and a preliminary estimate of work on the layout and development of the site (during the design process, you may want to change the list of modules, works, and so on).
  5. site development Contractwith the approved cost (all changes are made in addition.agreements to the agreement).
  6. Prepayment invoice (usually 40% of the contact price, but not less than the design cost).
  7. design Development and approval.
  8. Adjustment of the estimate (if necessary, and additional). Agreement). We can make minor changes without any re-negotiation.
  9. Invoice for the second prepayment(30% of the contact price).
  10. Installation and customization of the platform(in your case 1c-Bitrix). Tech. domain, hiding from indexing.
  11. Layout of the design. Design integration. Adaptivity. Installing and configuring modules. Programming according to the TOR.
  12. Integration according to the TOR.
  13. Test contentof the site. Testing.
  14. Delivery of the site to the client. Payment of the remaining 30%. Act of completed work.
  15. Launching a website on the Interneton the main domain name. Creating a backup. Transfer of rights and passwords. Recommendations and short mini-instructions.

Additional work (promotion, advertising, content...), if required, according to the client's wishes. Consultations by email and phone if you have any questions.

In some cases, the scheme of work can be adjusted. We have an individual approach to each client!

there are no Perfect templates.

Most of them have already been adapted for mobile devices and major browsers (there are no absolutely cross-browser or cross-platform versions, or they are white backgrounds and black text in a standard font).

If you work on 1C-Bitrix, then you should choose here http://marketplace.1c-bitrix.ru/solutions/category/14/

To choose the optimal template, it is advisable to discuss the internal part of the site (trade offers? Connections and kits? The remnants and warehouses? Payment, delivery?... Suggestions..)

you Need to evaluate the scope of work and solutions in detail.

If it is possible to manage through CSV import and export, then about 4-5 Tr (you need to see the work front! Maybe 2 Tr, maybe 10).

Manual proofreading and correction of image texts-150-250 rubles / page (depending on the volume and type of edits).


we provide high-quality fine-tuning of advertising in Yandex and Google.

The cost of an hour depends on the specialists involved and the amount of work.

The time of a content Manager for site maintenance is cheaper, while the time of a programmer for development is more expensive. For complex tasks, the average is 1300 rubles / hour. 

Large tasks (such as creating a website) are cheaper in terms of hours.

Indeed, there are developers with prices much lower, but what is included in the price and what quality is a question.
Our prices are determined by the work we put in: individual design (not a ready-made theme or constructor!), clean layout (clean code without garbage and errors), internal SEO optimization (which is usually sold later as additional work, and without it it is impossible to promote the site).
We immediately put the correct structure of the site, so that it is easily indexed by search engines (and not « any, for example», which then redo).
The site is not on the constructor, on a modern cms.

Similar projects in Moscow, if you compare exactly equivalent offers, on the contrary, are more expensive. Our Moscow clients have repeatedly confirmed this.

But if you follow only the price parameters, then you can find some offers cheaper than 5000.